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We Reward the Extraordinary

We appreciate hard work and we believe hard work should be recognized. We consider our carriers' performance and reward high achievers with preferred status, which means more business. What's more, our technology systems provide the ease and convenience of locating loads in real time, wherever you are. This means less wasted time and less wasted miles. It's our close, personal attention and big-time support systems that build better business relationships. Together with our carriers, we deliver better to achieve the impossible.

Partner with Traffic Tech and Ensure Reliable Freight Movement

We understand nothing moves without our suppliers and shippers value flexibility more today than ever before. With our excellent transportation service and dedication we will always deliver constant reliable freight to ensure your business is on the move.

  • Worry free - Quick payment
  • 24/7 dispatch support
  • Regular and reliable freight
  • Easy setup process
  • 25 years in business

To become an approved carrier with Traffic Tech please email

Traffic Tech TT On the GO

At Traffic Tech, we equip our carriers with the latest tools they need to keep their business moving.  We've developed an easy-to-use and convenient mobile app for our carriers, staying up to date on shipment information, getting the right details and coordinating loads is easier and more convenient than ever before.

With the new Traffic Tech TT On the Go mobile app, staying up to date on shipment information, getting the right details and coordinating loads is easier and more convenient than ever before. The new app is a convenient way to track loads through instant messages and cell phone location services.

The app is free and available for download via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Traffic Tech’s TT On the Go is compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones.

Traffic Tech TT ON THE GO!

Traffic Tech's TT On the Go app allows drivers to communicate in real time with their coordinating Traffic Tech Team, all with just one touch! Drivers can now send us their location when moving our shipment without any hassles.

Push notifications and Real time status updates will allow drivers to connect instantly with their team ensuring their pickups and deliveries move both fast and effectively. TT On the Go is a free, easy-to-use and efficient way for drivers to be in touch with us 24/7.

What's New?!

  • Easier way for drivers to communicate with dispatchers – less phone calls!
  • Send real time status updates of your location with just one click
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Traffic Tech Carrier app available on the App Store

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"Traffic Tech is a great company to work with. Any problems are solved immediately, you get paid on time and they keep your trucks full and rolling."