Montreal, Quebec
October 31st, 2014  
Traffic Tech, Inc. welcomes Wellton Express Montreal
Traffic Tech Inc., a Montreal Based transportation provider that specializes in all aspects of freight logistics both internationally and domestically, is pleased to announce that on January 1, 2015, Wellton Express Montreal will be joining Traffic Tech’s International division.
The combined management teams, operations, customer service and sales group will be located at Traffic Tech’s corporate office in Montreal, and will operate under Wellton Express a Division of Traffic Tech International, Inc. brand name.
Traffic Tech International Managing Director David Taylor stated “This strategic acquisition will improve and enhance all aspects of our clients’ overall experience”.
Wellton Express Montreal Co-Presidents Angelo Destounis and Mr. Percy Law, said that “Traffic Tech’s well established expertise in trucking, warehousing and custom brokerage will greatly contribute toward expanding our customer’s business and will provide them with broader service offerings”.
Brian Arnott, President of Traffic Tech Inc., said “the opportunity to welcome Wellton Express Montreal is consistent with our corporate growth strategy, continuing to be the competitive leader in the industry”.

领域集团(Traffic Tech, Inc.)并购Wellton Express Montreal
作为一家以加拿大蒙特利尔为总部,致力为业界提供全方位国内、国际货运服务的领导企业,领域集团(Traffic Tech, Inc.)十分高兴地宣布,从2015年1月1日起,Wellton Express Montreal将成为领域国际货运公司的一部分。
并购后,Wellton Express Montreal将成为领域国际货运公司的分部。其管理、销售、操作和客户服务团队都将搬入Traffic Tech, Inc. 蒙特利尔公司总部,继续为广大客户服务。
领域国际货运公司常务总裁David Taylor表示,“这次战略性的并购将全面提升我们客户的服务体验”。
Wellton Express Montreal联席总裁Angelo Destounis和Percy Law也提到:“一直以来,领域集团在货运、仓储、海关清关方面都拥有无可比拟的优势。此次并购必将扩大我们的客户群和业务范围,同时为客户提供更广泛、灵活的服务。”
Traffic Tech集团总裁Brian Arnott表示,“此次对Wellton Express Montreal的并购对集团的战略发展非常重要,我们将继续保持Traffic Tech在行业中的领先地位”。