On behalf of CEO & Chairman, Brian Arnott, and I, we are excited to share some news about our Executive Vice President of Operations, Marcia Robitaille. Twenty-one years ago, Marcia started as a Customer Service Representative and has taken several incremental steps upward to her current role. Today, we are happy to announce that effective immediately, Marcia is being promoted to Traffic Tech’s Chief of Staff. Marcia’s journey at Traffic Tech is an inspiring one, which is what makes this new milestone significant. This new role will support our commitment to growth as Marcia will lead beyond operations, and work with all departments to create a meaningful employee success strategy. Marcia’s ability to empower others and create notable results is what makes her an exemplary leader.

As Chief of Staff, Marcia will exceed employee development, as she will also guide our teams through changes. Overseeing all of North America, Marcia will connect with offices across the continent to bring the CEO and COO’s vision to fruition. This includes margin analysis and organizational growth. Additionally, Marcia will maintain alignment with existing and prospective partners, as she continues to build and nurture relationships in the industry. Marcia will work closely with the Executive Team to ensure goals and objectives are met. Marcia’s tenure, milestones and development at Traffic Tech are truly a reflection of our culture and our growth. We look forward to seeing our leadership team connect with Marcia to achieve alignment, structure and efficiency. 

We anticipate that this change will help further organizational objectives and open new pathways for critical thinking, growth and opportunities across the Company. Let this change be a reminder of our hard-working teams’ success and the motivator to keep on track for a prosperous future. 

Please join us in congratulating Marcia!


Lori Posluns, Chief Operating Officer