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As we reflect on our journey of growth and innovation, we are more committed than ever to our core values of integrity, customer-centricity, and continuous improvement. With a nod to our history and an eye on the horizon, we stand ready to navigate the challenges of tomorrow and provide cutting-edge logistics solutions that redefine industry standards.
Our Story

The Traffic Tech Way

What distinguishes us is our founder's visionary dedication to revolutionize logistics. Brian Arnott built this company from the ground up, guided by a deep understanding of the industry and an unyielding commitment from a strong team of leaders. This unique journey, from humble beginnings to an industry pioneer, is etched into the very fabric of our company's identity.
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First Office Opens in Montreal, QC
In 1988, we opened our first office, marking the inaugural year of Traffic Tech's founding.
First Office Opens in San Diego, CA
In 1996, we expanded our horizons by opening our first office in San Diego, a significant milestone in the history of our company since its founding.
Shipment Count Milestone
In 1999, we achieved a significant milestone by successfully shipping 200,000 shipments, firmly establishing our presence on the map.
PIP Approved
In 2002, Traffic Tech becomes Partners in Protection approved, promoting business awareness and compliance with customs regulations.
First Office Opens in Shanghai, China
In 2003, we embarked on a new chapter of expansion by establishing our presence in Shanghai, marking our entry into the Asian market.
Office Opens in Chicago, IL
In 2010, we made a strategic move by opening our first office in Chicago, a major logistics hub, further enhancing our reach and capabilities.
LTL Rating Tool First Launch
In 2013, we empowered our customers with the ability to access rates and book their own Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) shipments through the user-friendly TT interactive website, streamlining their shipping experience.
First Office Opens in Mexico City
In 2016, we made a significant foray into the Latin American market by opening our first office in Mexico, a milestone that has since led to the establishment of five offices across the region.
Traffic Tech Launches Tracking Mobile App
In 2019, Traffic Tech launched its tracking mobile app, providing customers with a convenient and real-time solution for monitoring their shipments on the go.
$1 Billion in Sales
In 2020, we celebrated a monumental achievement, reaching $1 billion dollars in sales, a remarkable milestone in our company's history.
First Office Opens in Dublin
In 2021, we embarked on a new international venture by entering the European market with the opening of our office in Dublin, bringing our total office count to seven as we continue to expand our global presence.
Our Expertise

The Traffic Tech Way

Mid-Market Focus

We understand why our long-term partnerships have thrived and exclusively focus our efforts on clients that have similar characteristics to always deliver an elevated customer experience.


We meet you how and where you want to do business. Decision making at the level and speed your business requires.

Flexible & Accessible Data

Successful global supply chains rely on prompt, accurate data formatted to allow for easy decision making. Our agnostic approach considers that every client has a unique approach to data.


Human experience across all modes of transportation. Our teams specialize in designing solutions to get your raw materials to manufacturing and your finished goods to market globally.

Real Transparency

Our transparency is no longer just limited to freight location. Our visibility extends into how we operate and service.

Pricing Intelligence

Leveraging historical data allows us to evaluate your performance in international markets without bias, while ensuring purchases are optimized in the future.
Key to Success

It's All About the People

While our technology is at the forefront, it is our exceptional team that is driving innovation forward.
We are Committed to Our

Valuable Customers

We prioritize our customers above all else. With round-the-clock support, we deliver personalized solutions to meet unique needs. Our dedicated team ensures every shipment is handled with care and efficiency, no matter its size or scope.
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