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At Traffic Tech, we are dedicated to efficient, eco-friendly intermodal solutions, leveraging our expertise and specialized equipment to ensure seamless, cost-effective transportation connecting different modes. Trust us to navigate complex railway networks and safeguard your shipments for minimal delays at the best prices.
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Intermodal refers to the use of multiple modes of transportation, such as rail, truck, ship, or air, for the movement of goods or passengers within a single journey. In intermodal transportation, cargo or passengers are transferred between different modes of transportation without the need to handle the contents themselves. This approach allows for more efficient and flexible transportation logistics, often resulting in cost savings and reduced environmental impact.
Traffic Tech can arrange for 40' and 53' dry containers across North America. Additionally, 53' temperature-controlled containers can be made available on specific lanes.
Drayage refers to a type of trucking service that links various shipping methods like ocean or air freight. It involves short-distance transportation of goods from one location to another, often before or after longer shipping journeys. Drayage trucks handle cargo movement between locations like container ships, storage facilities, warehouses, and rail yards. Usually confined to a single urban area, drayage focuses on short hauls.

Certainly! Traffic Tech offers drayage services for ocean containers arriving to ports across North America. If you have containers forwarded to Canada or the U.S. without final delivery included by the freight forwarder or overseas shipper, we can assist with arranging the necessary final delivery.

Absolutely! In addition to Traffic Tech providing shipping services to and from Canada and the U.S., it has the capacity to arrange for transportation services to and from numerous locations in Mexico as well.

Opting for Intermodal services with Traffic Tech yields numerous benefits. Our seasoned Intermodal experts seamlessly manage all facets of shipments, providing comprehensive cradle-to-grave solutions. With decades of collective experience, our team leverages the most up-to-date suppliers to address all customer requirements. We maintain meticulous oversight of each shipment, and our communication standards are consistently of the highest caliber.

To facilitate a rate request, please furnish the following details:
  • Origin City and State or Province, including Zip or Postal Code
  • Destination City and State or Province, including Zip or Postal Code
  • Commodity information (For hazardous materials, provide UN#, Packing Group, Class, and specify if a tanker endorsement is required)
  • Approximate Weight of the Shipment(s)
  • Approximate volume of expected shipments
Providing this comprehensive information enables us to generate accurate and timely rate quotes tailored to your specific shipping needs.

Traffic Tech offers long-term contractual rates, contingent on sufficient volumes for railway contracts and favorable lane compatibility with rail services.

The validity period of your quoted rates depends on the type of rate provided and the expected volumes. For precise details, it is advisable to confirm the rate validity period at the time of quoting.

While rail shipments may carry some risk of accessorial charges such as container demurrage or rail storage, our dedicated teams make every effort to minimize such charges in all circumstances within our control.

Traffic Tech accommodates the shipment of nearly every type of commodity, including hazardous freight. Rail transport is particularly suitable for a variety of goods, including but not limited to paper goods, consumer packaged products, building materials, and dry food products.

Intermodal transport is particularly well-suited for longer-haul, regularly moving freight. Typically, we recommend lanes that are over 750 miles. Below are examples of lanes that align well with rail transport:
  • Eastern/Central Canada to Western Canada
  • Western Canada to Eastern/Central Canada
  • East Coast U.S. to West Coast U.S.
  • West Coast U.S. to East Coast U.S.
  • East/Central Canada to West Coast U.S.
  • West Coast U.S. to East/Central Canada
  • Southern U.S. States to Northern or North Eastern States or East/Central/Western Canada
  • East/Central/Western Canada or Eastern or North Eastern States to Southern U.S. States
  • Southern U.S. States to Western U.S. States
  • Western U.S. States to Southern U.S. States