Introducing Jake Moller, Traffic Tech’s Vice President of Sales, Air and Ocean, USA

We are excited to announce a new addition to our team here at Traffic Tech. Jake Moller has joined us as Vice President of Sales, Air and Ocean, USA. Jake will be operating out of our Long Beach office, reporting to Nathan Thomas.

Jake’s appointment is an exciting addition to our leadership team, and we are confident that he will bring a wealth of experience to his new role. With a proven track record in problem-solving, analytics, and strategic customer service across multiple facets such as international, domestic, and warehousing, Jake will undoubtedly continue to drive our sales and success in the USA.

In addition to his technical expertise, Jake also possesses the soft skills that make him a great Traffic Tech leader, including his transparent communication style, willingness to help, and ability to close business. He is a true team player and we are excited to see the impact he will have on our organization.

Our commitment to building a talented team has been instrumental in positioning us for our biggest year yet in terms of revenue. By attracting top-tier talent, we’re poised to achieve even greater success in the coming year. With the addition of Jake Moller to our sophisticated team of leaders, we are confident that we will continue to expand our business and reach new heights. We’re thrilled to welcome Jake to the team and look forward to seeing the impact he’ll make in his role as Vice President of Sales, Air and Ocean, USA.