Jean Lauture: Celebrating 18 Years of Perseverance, Determination, and Hard Work

Traffic Tech is a Global Supply Chain company that has been serving its clients for 35 years. To celebrate this significant milestone, we caught up with one of our own, Jean Lauture, who has been with the company for 18 years. In an interview with Jean, he shares his experiences, memories, and insights about Traffic Tech, its culture, and his role in the company.

Meet Jean Lauture, Director-Financial Shared Services

Jean Lauture is the Director of Financial Shared Services for Traffic Tech. With 18 years of experience in the company, Jean has seen Traffic Tech grow from a staff of 150 to now over 1,500. Throughout his tenure, Jean has played a vital role in the company’s success and has seen his responsibilities increase as the company has grown.

Celebrating 35 Years at Traffic Tech

For Jean, the 35-year anniversary means perseverance, determination, and hard work. He believes that the company’s longevity is a testament to its good leadership and vision. “If you can lead one, then you can lead one hundred,” says Jean. He also highlights that Traffic Tech has evolved over the years, with the staff size increasing and responsibilities increasing, but his leadership style has remained consistent. 

Memorable Moments at Traffic Tech

Jean holds dear to this day a memorable moment from two years ago, when he attended a senior finance team meeting, called on by senior leadership. This meeting celebrated a momentous achievement – the company had reached its $1B sales plateau – and expressed gratitude for our crucial role in this accomplishment. It served as a poignant reminder for everyone to stay on course and remain focused on the company’s continued growth trajectory.

Traffic Tech Culture

For Jean, Traffic Tech is a place where people can be themselves and be accepted for who they are and what they bring to the table. He describes the culture as a mix of long-tenured and newly-on boarded employees. Success at Traffic Tech is based on hard work and not favoritism – qualities that Jean believes are found within.

In light of Black History Month, Jean shared his insight on the important topic of diversity, equity and inclusion, specifically relating to his role and the culture at Traffic Tech. While Jean never felt like he needed to use his race to describe himself as a leader, he explains that representation does matter. Traffic Tech has a commitment to growth – beyond business, and into sustainability, particularly relating to diversity, equity and inclusion. For Jean, Black History Month is a time to appreciate those who have sacrificed so much for future generations to have a better life. He reminds us to never take anything for granted and always remain humble.

“As part of sustainability, shifting our philanthropic and academic support to Black communities, would help Traffic Tech appeal to more diverse talent,” Jean explains, “In doing so, and in having more representation, I feel that my race and current role can not only impact, but also inspire others.”

Diversity helps unlock new ideas and approaches to business. It enables us to work together and think of solutions and opportunities from a broader scope, and encourages collaboration as a driver of success.

About Leadership

Jean is an exemplary leader at Traffic Tech. His experience, education and soft skills have been instrumental in his development in the Company. Overseeing the Financial Shared Services department, Jean shared his thoughts on leadership and employee growth.

“As a leader, I have learned that the best way to motivate a team is by being on the battlefield with them. You can’t motivate without being connected to the pulse of your department. As a leader, you need to be approachable or else you put yourself at risk of not knowing the needs of those who frankly play a great part in your success.”

Over his tenure, Jean has learned a lot about growth and has watched his employees and peers grow from entry-level positions to leadership roles. His advice for growth: be true to yourself and others.

“To be a leader today – be you! You can’t lead or inspire, if not from within. I always hear people say that a leader doesn’t have to be liked, as long as they are respected. I couldn’t disagree more. People need to like you. And finally, never stop teaching and mentoring! Lean into the development of others, as they will never be able to lead, unless they have been properly led.”

Advice to New Traffic Tech Employees

For those starting at Traffic Tech, Jean’s advice is to take time to adapt and the company will adapt to you. He encourages new employees to be creative and always think outside the box. “If you’re stuck in neutral in this company, you’re moving backwards,” he says.

Overcoming Barriers in the Industry

Throughout his career, Jean has worked in several industries and has had to make adjustments. He believes that the barriers he has had to overcome are not unique to this industry and can be overcome with hard work and determination.

Looking Forward to Traffic Tech’s Future

Jean is excited about Traffic Tech’s future and is looking forward to the company’s growth and how much further it can go. Jean’s greatest inspiration in life is his daughter, who at the young age of 7, has already had a profound impact on his life.

Jean Lauture is a testament to this and is proud to be a part of the Traffic Tech family. As the company celebrates its 35-year anniversary, we look forward to its continued growth and success.

Jean and his daughter at Ribfest 2022.