Traffic Tech Wins 2023 Top 100 Places to Work Award

Traffic Tech is kickstarting 2023 with some excellent news! We were recently named one of the 100 Best Large-Sized Companies to Work for in LA by Built In.

As the founder and CEO of Traffic Tech, I am proud to see that my team’s hard work to build a culture of empowerment and growth—one that cherishes both individual and team development—has been recognized on this list of reputable organizations.

As we’ve worked closely as a team to shape Traffic Tech’s culture over our 35 years in operation, we’ve paid close attention to the impact that a strong culture has on how our business operates. To attract talent and build our organization as strongly as we have, it has been imperative that we create a culture of empowerment and accountability.  This starts with understanding what employees need and want in their careers. Here is what we have found: 

Unlocking Impact through Collaboration 

Our culture of trust empowers employees to lean into their strengths and share their insights, regardless of their role. We encourage employees to work together and collaborate by fostering an environment that is open to the feedback and initiatives they bring forward. At Traffic Tech, we select leaders based on their ability to think strategically and develop others. Our philosophy is that the leadership team must possess a harmony of hard skills and soft skills alike. They coach their teams using their expertise, but they also listen intently to ensure employees feel fulfilled at work. The opportunities for growth reflect the tight-knit environment the team has cultivated. Our multifaceted culture enables everyone to express their opinions and support each other, which drives organizational success as we scale.

Having the Autonomy To Scale Your Career 

Our goal for Traffic Tech’s culture is to promote an engaging, people-first environment. If we achieve this, our people will grow both professionally and personally. We foster a focus on continuous growth by encouraging employees to set ambitious goals and pursue new professional opportunities within the company. This evolutionary approach defines every aspect of Traffic Tech’s culture and operations. With a hands-on training program that encourages the continuous development of our employees, we see that our team is able to build skill sets that are universal to every department, allowing people to jump in and tag-team projects that exist outside their immediate tasks. 

Empowering Diverse Ideas and People 

At Traffic Tech, we make it a priority for employees to feel empowered to share their unique ideas and perspectives. We firmly believe that without including all voices, an organization limits its full potential. We are an equal opportunity employer, and present many opportunities for employees to grow within and to develop skills that bring value to their experience at Traffic Tech. Our cultural events lean into education as we aim to bring more impactful conversations to the table, and celebrate the individuality of our employees. We provide employees with channels to connect with their teammates around the globe and offer training and learning tools to optimize our culture for equity. Traffic Tech’s culture is one that puts diversity, equality and inclusion at the forefront. We recognize the value that diversity brings to our organization, and we ensure that Traffic Tech is not only a place of inclusion, but one of belonging. 

It is truly an honor that Traffic Tech has been selected as one of the Top 100 Large-Sized Companies to Work for in Los Angeles, and even more rewarding that our team has built a culture worthy of such recognition. As we move into 2023, I look forward to continually developing our culture in order to meet the needs of an ever-changing workforce.

by Brian Arnott, Founder & CEO of Traffic Tech

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