Traffic Tech inc. Acquires London-based Air and Ocean Logistics Ltd.

CHICAGO, Oct. 4, 2022 — Traffic Tech Inc., an industry-leading third-party logistics company, today announces its acquisition of the London-based organization, Air and Ocean Logistics Ltd., a family-owned company with competitive services and customer relations.

“Our expansion is a product of our demonstrative hard work, strategic thinking and customer care. With Air and Ocean Logistics Ltd.’s extensive knowledge in the area and our resources, we are certain to offer competitive services in this trying supply chain market. We are always seeking opportunities to expand our operations globally, and with Air and Ocean Logistics Ltd., it was clear that this business encompassed the teamwork culture that we value heavily at Traffic Tech.

Brian Arnott, CEO and Chairman of Traffic Tech

The global logistics industry is projected to grow exponentially over the next five years, and Traffic Tech is making meaningful business moves to match that growth. With over 50 offices and 2,000 employees globally, Traffic Tech’s acquisition of Air and Ocean Logistics Ltd. is expected to enrich the Company’s current outlook on the European market and bring diverse expertise in customs. Traffic Tech expects that Air and Ocean Logistics Ltd. will add a solid revenue stream to its European operations and eventually, its global operations.

Traffic Tech is pleased to announce that it is absorbing all Air and Ocean Logistics Ltd. employees. This acquisition not only empowers the two organizations’ employees to exchange knowledge and further develop skills in the industry, but also to gain significant business in international operations.

“Bringing together Traffic Tech’s global reach in the market and our long-standing relationships and expertise in the area, Air and Ocean Logistics Ltd. has the unique opportunity to now expand and elevate the services we offer our customers. This acquisition will make an impact on our presence in the United Kingdom while allowing us to continue to do what we do best: providing quality customer service.”

Sean Taylor, Owner and Managing Director of Air and Oceans Logistics Ltd.

Air and Ocean Logistics Ltd. is a family-oriented business, aligning well with Traffic Tech’s established family-run ownership. With a distinguished reputation in customer retention, Air and Ocean Logistics Ltd. is a strategic addition to Traffic Tech’s exemplary customer relations. Taking into account the business that this acquisition is expected to bring in, Traffic Tech anticipates a very successful forecast in its European operations, which meld in nicely to a projected revenue of €2 billion by the end of 2022.

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