Sweden-Based Company Bjora Group Joins the Traffic Tech Journey

CHICAGO, May 3rd, 2022 — Sweden-Based Company, Bjora Group, Joins the Traffic Tech Inc., an industry-leading third-party logistics company.

Traffic Tech is pleased to announce that we have acquired Bjora Group, a leading provider of air, ocean, road and warehousing services based in Sweden. Combining the strengths of both companies, Traffic Tech is well positioned to take on the accelerating demands of the industry and shape the future of international supply chain, continuing to seamlessly connect companies with supply chain solutions across the globe.

“The Nordic Region is an important market for Traffic Tech in Europe. With our growing footprint of operations and a trusted network of partners, Traffic Tech is well equipped to provide end-to-end solutions for its European and Global Supply Chain Customers.”

Markus Rodatz, Senior Vice President Global Forwarding of Bjora Group

Traffic Tech continues to capitalize on our tremendous growth into Europe and other parts of the world. With wholly-owned offices in Europe, North America, South America and Asia, and strategic partnerships in the Indian subcontinent, Traffic Tech’s ability to function on a global scale makes us one of the most versatile transportation companies. With over 2,000 employees in 44 locations world-wide, Traffic Tech is driving the evolution of Supply Chain options through its best-in-class solutions, which enable seamless transportation of goods across the globe.

“We are delighted to welcome the Bjora Group to the Traffic Tech family and to cement our relationship with our long-term partners in the Nordic region. We are dedicated to the growth of our company and the personal development of our employees, old and new. As members of Traffic Tech, the Bjora Group will contribute to our global growth strategy by allowing similar approaches to their business, but with access to an even larger network.”

Brian Arnott, CEO and Chairman of Traffic Tech

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