Proudly Celebrating 35 Years At Traffic Tech – Marcia Robitaille

In 1988, Brian Arnott started Traffic Tech, a small company with a big vision: to provide full-service logistics solutions to customers across the globe. Fast forward to today, Traffic Tech operates in over 55 different locations globally, has more than 2,000 employees and is projected to net $2 Billion this year. As Traffic Tech celebrates 35 years full of notable milestones, we invite our friends, peers, and teams to reflect on what 35 years of success really looks like.  

At Traffic Tech, our people are our most important assets. To honor 35 years of business, we are going to feature a few of the key team players who have contributed to our success.  

The first person we are featuring for this milestone is our Executive Vice President of Operations, Marcia Robitaille. Marcia started at Traffic Tech 21 years ago and has seen the Company grow exponentially. Her contribution to Traffic Tech is insurmountable as she has grown her career parallel to Traffic Tech’s growth. In 2002, Marcia started off at a desk-level customer service position, and since then, has become the face and leader of our operations team.  

It’s a privilege to watch employees flourish, but it’s humbling to watch them pass the torch onto others.  

We sat down with Marcia, where she thoughtfully shared her experience with Traffic Tech.  

“I still remember interviewing for the Customer Service Representative role at Traffic Tech,” Marcia recounted. “At the time, I was working for a travel agency, and had no experience in logistics. When asked about my qualifications for the role, I simply said, ‘well, I currently move people – so I can certainly move stuff!’” Marcia laughed and continued, “I still can’t believe I said that.” 

– Marcia Robitaille
Marcia Robitaille (right) and Heidi Ross (left) at our 2003 Traffic Tech Bowl-A-Thon.

What makes Marcia’s employment at Traffic Tech truly moving is the growth that she’s experienced in her personal development, her team’s development, and Traffic Tech’s, too. Since that first interview, Marcia was someone who quickly and deservedly landed promotions. So how does one go from Customer Service Representative to Executive Vice President of Operations? In short: by saying yes.  

“I was always open to new things. Whether that meant new challenges, new opportunities, new technology, or a new team. It didn’t scare me, in fact, it excited me to lean into learning and development, especially when you feel supported.” Marcia’s roles were always operations-oriented, but she always showed interest and strength in her understanding of the sales division, and how to support it by leveraging operations.  

– Marcia Robitaille

Now, Marcia holds a leadership role, where she works closely with the managers that oversee the day-to-day operations teams. Her rich understanding of Traffic Tech’s history, mission, and direction paired with her experience at all levels of operations are what makes her a true Traffic Tech leader. When we select our leadership team, we prioritize people who have a balance of hard skills and soft skills. We believe expertise on its own cannot be valuable unless it is shared and employed to create meaningful results.  

“At this level now, what truly brings me fulfillment in my role is being able to empower my team to empower their team. Developing our people is a pillar of our culture. Just as I was empowered to explore my potential, I am grateful to pass that onto others as well.” 

– Marcia Robitaille

Marcia’s tenure at Traffic Tech is truly a testament to the culture, the investment in people, and the continuous growth it offers as a business, an employer and a leader in the industry. For so many at Traffic Tech, Marcia is an exemplary leader, a wealth of knowledge, and an inspiration. People are our most important assets at Traffic Tech, and that’s why we are committed to growth – to provide our people with continuous opportunities and success.  

2005 Carrier Relations Tour and Party.