Stacy Durst: Celebrating Women’s History Month and Traffic Tech’s 35th Anniversary

Founded in 1988, Traffic Tech had the vision to attain unimaginable goals. The company surpassed 1$ Billion in sales last year, which remains an incredible milestone that excited us all for what is to come. For our 35th anniversary, we highlight those who have been “trucking” along with us through all the highs and lows. We are celebrating Stacy Durst and her 20 years at Traffic Tech for Women’s History Month. We invite our friends, peers, and teams to reflect on what 35 years of success represents to them. 

Meet Stacy Durst, Branch Development Manager

Stacy Durst is the Branch Development Manager of Western Canada. She has seen the company grow immensely throughout her time at Traffic Tech. Realizing that she impacted this growth gives Stacy a strong sense of empowerment. Stacy began as one of two Customer Service Representatives in 2003. Numerous opportunities were presented throughout the years, which led her to become an operations facilitator, and now she is responsible for the entire West Coast of Canada. Stacy claims that “without those opportunities and the guidance of exceptional leaders along the way, I would not be where I am today” Stacy has conquered every challenge head-on and continues to do so every day.  

Most memorable moment at Traffic Tech

“20 years of memories; that’s a lot to sift through!” But, out of all the incredible memories, Stacy’s favorite was the Holiday party for Traffic Tech’s 30th anniversary. All the Canadian offices came together and had an elegant evening where she “felt very spoiled.” No matter how long an employee has been at Traffic Tech, we strive to make everyone feel special.

Traffic Tech’s Culture

Regardless of how stressful the day might be, Stacy describes Traffic Tech’s culture as a group of coworkers simply having a good time together. She explains, “We work to improve each other each day, and we have a knack for having a great time while doing it.” Stacy also believes that Traffic Tech has a collaborative culture. She enjoys engaging in discussions and guiding her team through challenges. “I’m always willing to lend an ear to my team members when needed. Although it can be stressful at times, I’m thankful they trust me and feel comfortable coming to me for support”.

Women’s History Month

We asked Stacy what Women’s History Month meant to her and her role at Traffic Tech. First, Stacy expresses her gratitude for the women who fought tirelessly for equal rights and pay.

“They paved the way for women to have better opportunities. I feel grateful and humbled to be in a different time and benefit from the changes they have made and the changes still to come”.

When asked which woman was her biggest inspiration, she had too many to name only one. So instead, she named a few women who have had the most significant impact on her life and her career, including but not limited to Karin Leveillee, Lori Gillis, Marcia Robitaille and Stephanie Maiorano.

“Throughout my time at Traffic Tech, several women have played a significant role in my personal and professional growth. They continue to inspire me in various ways to strive for excellence and maintain confidence”. Stacy explains that “the phrase She did, so now I can perfectly sums up the impact of these women in my life. They have consistently supported me and encouraged me to reach my full potential.”

With all the knowledge Stacy has accumulated over the years, her advice to women starting a career in logistics is to have confidence, know your worth and take on every challenge with everything you have. She also believes that creating a circle of mentors can be instrumental in one’s career development.

Being a woman in the logistics industry

Due to the enormity of the industry, Stacy felt a lack of confidence which caused some obstacles along the way. “However, I have learned to overcome these challenges by surrounding myself with positive role models and being in a supportive environment. These individuals remind me of my progress and boost my confidence”. The support of her peers and the constant drive to take on more challenges and opportunities has empowered Stacy to understand that she has what it takes to succeed.

Stacy believes that women in leadership and management roles are essential to continue the fight against gender inequalities. Having more women leaders will “inspire and encourage others and demonstrate that success is possible with determination, kindness and knowledge.” Stacy continues to work tirelessly and strives to learn more each day to be an exceptional leader for her team. Stacy has always been a highly respected and hard-working woman in the industry who inspires many people. We are excited to see what she will accomplish next!